Volume-1, Issue-1 January 2013

Bi-Annual Refereed Journal
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology
Gandipet, Hyderabad - 500 075.


  1. The New Woman of Desai's Fiction
    Dr. Kanderi Sridevi {Full Text PDF}

  2. Haunting Hungers of Human Beings!
    Dr. C.N.Latha {Full Text PDF}

  3. Another one Bites the Dark: Reading Jeet Thayil's Narcopolis as a Continuum of Aravind Adiga's Dark India Exploration
    Koteshwar {Full Text PDF}

  4. Diasporic Consciousness in the works of Anita Nair
    Dr.Maya Vinai {Full Text PDF}

  5. Reflection of Postcolonialism in the Novels of Amitav Ghosh
    Gousia Sultana {Full Text PDF}

  6. Effective Understanding of Literature, Language and Culture through Translation
    Mohamed Abubaker Abdul gader {Full Text PDF}

  7. An Exploration of Language Used by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni to Express the Concept of Stream of Consciousness in her Selected Novels
    Dr. Parvathi V., and Farhat Fatima {Full Text PDF}

  8. Martin Luther King Junior's "I Have a Dream" : A Reflection on Scriptures & Spirituals
    Dr. P. Anuradha Sudheer {Full Text PDF}

  9. Enhancing Language Skills through Literature : A Study
    Dr. Sushma Brahmadevara {Full Text PDF}

  10. Teaching Vocabulary through E-Dictionaries
    Dr. Paidipala Dasharatham and Komminni Ramesh {Full Text PDF}

  11. Teaching Students of Different Ages and Levels of English in Large Classes for Short Periods of Time
    Yelena Kitayeva {Full Text PDF}

  12. Striking a Balance between the four Skills in Teaching Language to Foreign Students
    Fouzia Banu Jalaluddin {Full Text PDF}

  13. Innovative Methods to teach Prose at the Undergraduate Level
    J. Michael Preetham {Full Text PDF}

  14. To Learner Centered Learning: A New Method to Teach English in the Integrated Master's Program?
    Dr. Shree Deepa and Susan Sumbala {Full Text PDF}

  15. Enriching Vocabulary to the English as Second Language (ESL) learners Employing Content Integrated Language Learning (CILL)
    Naresh A. {Full Text PDF}

  16. Use of Information & Communication Technology in Language Classroom in India: Choices and Challenges
    Dr.Abhilash Nayak {Full Text PDF}

  17. The Role of English Teacher in the Professional Development of the Engineering Student
    Dr. A. Sandhya Reddy {Full Text PDF}

  18. Professional Excellence for English Language Teachers: A Paradigm Shift
    Dr. P. Madhurima Reddy {Full Text PDF}

  19. Employability Skills and Industry Needs
    Neelima Telugu {Full Text PDF}

  20. Soft Skills Training for Young Engineering Graduates : A Boon for Enhancing their Employability
    T.Swarna Latha {Full Text PDF}

  21. Concepts in Quantitative Action Research
    M. Madhusudhan Rao {Full Text PDF}

  22. Methodology to Teach Technical Reading
    Dr. Sabitha Kumari Francis and G. Vanaja Reddy {Full Text PDF}

  23. Theme of Alienation in the Short Stories of Sherwood Anderson
    Dr. B. Mohan and Dr. P. Ravi Chandra Reddy{Full Text PDF}

  24. Victorian Unrest and its Impact on English Literature
    Dr. B. Mohan and Dr. P. Ravi Chandra Reddy{Full Text PDF}

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