Volume-1, Issue-2 July 2013

Bi-Annual Refereed Journal
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology
Gandipet, Hyderabad - 500 075.


  1. Role of Literature in the Language Classroom
    Dr A Aparna{Full Text PDF}

  2. American-Jewish Communal Life in Saul Bellow’s Novels
    Dr Nagarathinam{Full Text PDF}

  3. Factors Contributing to Support / Prevent the Preparedness of Learners and Counsellors to Use CALL for English at Dr. BRAOU
    Dr Pratibha{Full Text PDF}

  4. The Predicament of Poor: A Reading of Mahasweta Devi’s Rudali
    Dr Jeevan Kumar{Full Text PDF}

  5. Kamala Das: Resistance from Margin
    Dr Sunita Rao b{Full Text PDF}

  6. An Analysis of Pronunciation Teaching Software
    Dr Sunita Vijay Kumar{Full Text PDF}

  7. Scintillating Autobiographical Similarities in the Selected Novels of Nayanatara Sehgal and Dorris Lessing
    Sakshi Jain{Full Text PDF}

  8. Plato and Aristotelian Poetry
    Dr. Samina Azhar & Dr. Shuchi Srivastava{Full Text PDF}

  9. Critical View of Periodical Essays in the Age of Alexander Pope
    Dr. Naveen K Mehta{Full Text PDF}

  10. A Study of Social Representation through Symbols in Modernist American Fiction with Reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
    Gaurav Thakarar{Full Text PDF}

  11. Soft Skills for Engineering Students
    Gousia Sultana{Full Text PDF}

  12. Contrastive Analysis in the ESL Classroom for Hindi/Urdu Speakers
    Kausar Husain{Full Text PDF}

  13. Efficiency of On-line Machine Translation Tools
    Namamee Shankar Bissa {Full Text PDF}

  14. Woman’s Quest for Identity in Selected Short Stories of Angela Carter and Shashi Deshpande
    Ritu Pareek & Dr. Preeti Bhat{Full Text PDF}

  15. Cracking India: Rewriting of History by A Parsi Woman
    Sakshi Thakur{Full Text PDF}

  16. A Study on Effectiveness of Communicative English in Engineering Colleges of Odisha
    Sameer Kumar Panigrahi {Full Text PDF}

  17. Auden’s Poetry: The Theme of Crisis as a Split in Society Expressed by a Variety of Binary Opposites
    Subrata Chandra Mozumder{Full Text PDF}

  18. Emotional Intelligence for Professional Excellence
    G Sundari{Full Text PDF}

  19. M.K. Gandhi and A.K.Coomaraswami’s Views on SWADESHI: A comparative Study’ and its Relevance in Contemporary India’
    Vikram Patel{Full Text PDF}

  20. Formal Speeches for Effective Employability Skills: An Innovative Technique
    Vishnu Vandana Devi V{Full Text PDF}

  21. Soft Skills as Employability Skills
    Chandrasekhar{Full Text PDF}

  22. Benefits of Continuous Professional Development
    Arshiya Sultana{Full Text PDF}

  23. Frost’s Treatment of Man in his Poems
    Brajesh Gupta{Full Text PDF}

  24. Experiencing Academic Writing in an Indian Scholarly Context
    Dr. S. D. Sasi Kiran{Full Text PDF}

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